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How do I start my business you ask? Networking.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

First steps into my start-up DEFT CADCAM Engineering. This is not by any means a guide.

Pre Covid-19 Times

Back in January 2020, I had an idea born out of frustration mainly, to run my own CAD CAM programming business. This idea had been floating about for some time, but I decided I had enough of not being able to control where I wanted to be. It seemed no matter where I went as a contractor, I was either controlled by companies or clients or by HMRC dictating how I should gratefully be allowed to run as a Limited Company with the threat of my livelihood being turned upside down in the transition to IR-35 reform.

Post Covid-19 Times

Up until March 2020 I spent a great deal of effort reading up on how to start up a business. I had a colleague who had opened his own R&D shop whom I had previously worked with in a now defunct F1 team. Of all the points he made when asked how he got started one stuck out that seemed most important. Make contacts. He told me about an organisation which consisted of SME's, Start-ups and established businesses based in the Motorsport Manufacturing Industry in and around the Oxford, Northamptonshire and West Midlands area. (STC) Silverstone Technology Cluster became the focus of my networking efforts. This has made my business visible to many resources I otherwise would not have been able to tap into.

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